About Me

rachelPerspective gives us each a unique view on life, and opinion yields us a personal comparison. But what does it mean to self express?

Expression gives each of us the tools to take the inner workings of our humanity and share them with the world. Sometimes for personal reasons. Sometimes for cultural reasons. Sometimes for purely visually, or mentally stimulating reasons. To each his own, and the same applies with the world of body art. To each his own “canvas”.

Let all the contributing factors lead way to a tattoo design that doesn’t just follow the rules of design, technical application, or social expectations, but embraces the concept, canvas and medium in its highest potential. This out come is what brings the high standards, and creative medium of the tattoo industry close to my heart. In turn, a positive life long relationship of the art and craftsmanship I offer, to its permanent exhibitor.

Brining skin art to life since 2005 and always exploring new possibilities. The beautiful and subtle, the immortalized and abstract, the bold and taboo alike.

Thank you. For your concepts, collaborations and canvases. They are a joy to be a part of.